Oh the shame of it

I popped out to the sorting office at lunchtime today with two bags of parcels and 63 Christmas cards to post. Too late for second class – note to self – must be better prepared next year and save myself 30% on the postage…

I had just about come to terms with the additional cost, when the Royal Mail employee uttered the unforgettable words… ‘we’ve no sticky stamps left – just the licky ones.’ The full horror of what was about to befall me was just starting to sink in (having to lick and stick almost 90 stamps), when it got worse. The stamps he gave me were those huge square ones, with a surface area of approximately two and half times that of normal stamps – and they all needed to be licked.

I thought this was as bad as it could get – but no. I looked at the stamps with disbelief. The shame of it. Not Christmas stamps. Oh no. These were ‘let’s celebrate England being in the world cup and let’s remember they won in 1966’ stamps.

So, shamefully, I must admit that I licked, looked at, and stuck every one of those stamps onto the corner of the envelopes containing our Christmas cards.

I apologise now to all of my Scottish friends and family who may be offended receiving such a stamp through the post. But I can assure you that the indignity of having such a stamp fall onto your hall carpet is nothing compared to the pain of having to stick each and every one of them to the envelopes.

Proper ladgeful, that!

I learnt a new word last night.

Walking the kids home after Kidz Klub, we were discussing the lack of confectionary available at the close of the party, meaning that a couple of kids didn’t get a box (although I think Shelagh had an extra secret stash so everyone got one in the end)… Anyway, I suggested that perhaps maybe the lack was caused by some children taking two boxes (I don’t believe this for a minute – just simply more kids than boxes!)… well, this was greeted by a shriek of ‘eee, that’s proper ladgeful, that!’

Us leaders looked at each other, looked at the girl in question, looked at each other again, and then enquired as to the meaning of the word just uttered… And so, the definition…

ladgeful (a): disgraceful, really bad, shameful

I believe it is a geordie word, probably most use by the chav population… but I think I like it.
So – task for the day: to correctly use the word ‘ladgeful’ in normal conversation.

Cheesy wotsits

It’s amazing what you can do with cheesy wotsits – apart from the obvious eating them…

We came up with a new thing to do with them at the Kidz Klub Christmas Party last night. Mrs D boldly (foolishly?) volunteered (was volunteered?) to be one of the recipients of said cheesy wotsits…

The kids loved it, and I think the results speak for themselves…

As my lil sis said when she saw the photo… ‘properly rank’!

Water water everywhere….

It seems that it’s been raining hard almost everywhere in the country apart from Geordie-land… rivers have overtopped their banks, lakes are brim-full and water is standing in fields everywhere (apart from here)… it seems to be particularly bad in Scotland and the north-west of England

The BBC website has some brilliant photos sent in by the discerning public…

Details of flood warnings abound – such as those in…
Dumfries & Galloway
The Midlands

Unfortunately I am unable to post any photos as it hasn’t been raining enough here – plenty of wind, mind you… but not much rain…

I’ll just have to make do with the photos posted by my roving camera-man