Successfully screened by DFW

We’ve just been screened by DFW Adoption. We knew what was coming, having been through it all already with Newcastle City Council, so were much less aprehensive than we might have been!

The meeting went well – the lady was very friendly and generally chatty. Gut feeling is that these are the people to go with – but we’ll take a few days to pray and think things through, just to make sure!

If we decide to go with DFW, preparation days would be September, and then assessment following that…

It feels right.

J John and Just10

Just10 is coming to the north-east. It’s official. I had the privilege last night to be part of the launch event – a thousand Christians from across Tyneside gathered together at the City Hall to worship, pray and hear J John explain what it was all about. We were doubly blessed, as our own pastor was leading the worship, with Mrs D on flute and Stew on bass (as well as an extremely talented lass on the trumpet).

So – Just10 – the 10 commandments – one each week – for 10 weeks. We’re getting an 8,000 seat big top in Gateshead, and a 6,000 seat big top in Stockton. Starting in April next year. That’s 140,000 seats over the whole 1o weeks. What an opportunity for people to hear God’s word – explained practically and relevantly for them. For our friends. Colleagues. Neighbours. Kidz Klub parents.

J John has been greatly gifted by God – he’s funny, relaxed, easy to listen to – and manages to explain profound truths before you’ve realised he’s doing it. Imagine Rowan Atkinson as an evangelist. You’ll not be too far off the mark!

Roll on April…

Good manners?

Mrs D overheard this snippet of conversation in the cafe after work this afternoon (what she was doing in the cafe is a different question!)…

Little girl: Can I have it? (asking for some of granny’s cake)
Mum: Is that what you really mean, I think you have missed something…
Little Girl: Can I have it…. ALL?

Good to see manners aren’t dead!

Countries I’ve visited

Thanks, Lynne, for the link to this natty website – which allows you to create a map showing all the countries in the world you have visited…

As you can see, I’ve been about a bit – but there are large gaps – even more than the map suggests, as I’ve never been west of Memphis, and have only dipped my toe into Canada by walking across the rainbow bridge at Niagara

You can create your own visited country map if you feel suitably inspired!

Grand Day Out

Take 15 three to seven year olds, 7 adults, 2 cars, a minibus, plenty of chocolate spread, cheese & ham and tuna sandwiches, add the constant threat of a downpour, and you have the makings of a Kidz Klub outing to Jesmond Dene…

The children all had a brilliant time, with highlights being

  • the pot bellied pig (would he ever stop eating?)
  • the goat with the long grey beard (from now on to be know as ‘Jim’)
  • the beautiful display from the peacock (we’re sure he was after Shelagh!)
  • the Newfoundland dogs spotted by one of the girls (just how much drool can one dog produce?)
  • duck duck goose (Mrs D has the bruises to prove it!)
  • playing at the park in the rain (just why did the girls decide to sit down in the puddle?)

We’ll have to do it all again soon!

How clean is your house?

With the house cleaner and tidier than it has ever been, the social workers arrived, talked, listened, wrote notes, and went. Three quarters of an hour late in arriving, but they had phoned to say they’d be late – so time for a spot of lunch first – to stop our tummies rumbling!

The two ladies who visited were lovely – and made us feel very relaxed. They asked us all kinds of questions about where we met and what we did and why we wanted to adopt. They even asked us if doglet was ferocious!

It all went really well, and we got very positive feedback from them.

Then I asked whether living where we did in the city would limit who we would be able to adopt – they said it would, as they wouldn’t be able to place children with us who had lived anywhere near where we live, or who had birth family who lived anywhere near us. So we would be limited to children from the other side of the city really.

The upshot of this is that if we choose to adopt through Newcastle City Council, we may have to wait much longer than others before a match is found – although we might not – it all depends on where the children and their birth families live…

The social workers suggested we phone some of the other adoption agencies in the north east to find out what the situation is with them and whether they currently have too many or too few adopters – and then decide what to do.

So we made some phone calls this afternoon – South Tyneside have lots of approved people waiting to adopt and not enough children; North Tyneside didn’t answer the phone. We also phoned Durham Family Welfare (DWF) – they are a voluntary adoption agency linked to the Church of England, but also deal with all of Darlington’s adoption services. The lady we spoke to was very helpful, and is going to contact us in the next couple of days to arrange a visit.

So – all in all – a mixed day.
On the one hand, we are encouraged that the initial feedback from the social workers was very positive. On the other hand, we are disappointed that where we live may mean lots more waiting. But hopeful that DWF may be a better way forward.

We keep praying, and waiting on the Lord – for he knows!
As one of our friends shared with us on Sunday from Acts 27 v25:
‘So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.’

We hold on to that.

First visit confirmed

We found out today that two social workers will be visiting us on Tuesday next week, to carry out an initial screening. From what I can gather, they will ask us lots of questions about why we want to adopt, and what we think makes us suitable. I think we’ll be able to ask questions too.

Then they will write a short report, which will state whether or not we are suitable to be considered as possible adoptive parents. If they think we are, we can then make a formal application, and the 8 month assessment process will begin…

Exciting and scary at the same time!