Now I’m 25!

Well, 25 not counting Saturdays and Sundays! It sounds much better than the alternative halfway to my three score years and ten, don’t you think?

I had a lovely day yesterday, despite having to go to work! The day started with Mrs D getting up early and bringing me my presents in bed! A huge box covered in holographic blue paper turned out to be an espresso machine…! Fantastic!

Breakfast was cooked for me (pancakes and butterscotch sauce) but alas there was no time to try an espresso… work beckoned!

I got home early for an espresso. Running it with just water to flush the system, working out how to get the coffee holder attached to the machine…. then all was ready! A fabulous cup of espresso with just the right amount of froth on top…

The evening turned out somewhat differently to how I had imagined… Mrs D had, unbeknownst to me, arranged for almost the entire contingent of our housegroup to come round for dinner… I half thought something was up when I was banished to the sitting room and told in no uncertain terms to stay there…

The first I knew of the impending dinner party was when the doorbell rang – and the first of many people arrived carrying various bottles, salads, cakes, cards and presents!

A lovely surprise! Thank you Mrs D…

We have a social worker!

If you’d told me a year ago that today I would be rejoicing over the allocation of a social worker, I’d most probably have laughed you out of town…. but there you go… the adoption journey seems to have a habit of changing our perspective on things!

Today I am rejoicing! DFW phoned today and told us that we’d been allocated a social worker, and that he’d phone us next week to arrange our first meeting…

We’d only just been praying in housegroup yesterday evening about the length of time things were taking. Isn’t God amazing!

Dr Who expired

I’m not at all happy.
You see, I love Dr Who. And I missed it on Christmas Day. And I didn’t set the video to record it. My fault, I know. But all was not lost!

I thought I would step out into the bold new world of TV on the internet, and decided to download the programme (all 600Mb of it) from the BBC iplayer site just before New Year.

3 hours later, and all seemed well. The programme was now on my PC, and available to view until 24 January, at which point it would spontaneously combust or something.

So, this evening, I settled down on the sofa, Mrs D having gone out for a few hours. Dr Who beckoned. I was getting excited (OK – call me sad if you want!).

I opened up the iplayer download manager on the laptop, and clicked on ‘watch now’.

Imagine my utter horror, over-powering disappointment and sheer disbelief when I was greeted with the words:

‘This programme has expired and will be deleted’

I can still hardly believe it.
No Dr Who for me.
From a quick check of the internet it appears this has been happening a lot with the iplayer. ‘Teething problems’ according to the BBC.

I’ll just have to wait for a repeat.
And console myself with Primeval from last week which has definitely recorded and is waiting to be watched….

Grand Balloon Race

While clearing leaves from the lawn this afternoon, I happened upon a small white piece of paper. I was about to throw it in the rubbish, when I noticed it was a tag from a balloon which had taken part in a Grand Balloon Race, in aid of Hebden Green Community School in Winsford, Cheshire.

It would appear that the tag was affixed to a balloon which was released in the school grounds, along with many others (mine is number 17906). And it ended up in our back garden! There is a prize for the person who finds the balloon furthest from Cheshire.

I have completed my details on the tag, and will send it to the address stated, in the hope of winning. Who’d have thought a balloon would have made it so far!