God-daughter number one is one

Mrs D and I had a lovely time yesterday afternoon with our wonderful god-daughter, Alice, celebrating the first anniversary of her birth.

Despite her feeling poorly, she did manage to open her pressies (courtesy of Calpol) before needing to go to sleep… And we all enjoyed the fantastic birthday carrot-cake.

I fear that her parents may soon be needing the Calpol to banish the headaches induced by Alice’s new drum kit…

A grand weekend

We’ve just said goodbye to our three fabulous godsons, having had them to stay for the weekend, while their mum and dad went to climb something high in the Lake District and indulge in some well deserved them-time…

We had the boys over last summer, but it was good to have them at a weekend so I could spend more time with them as well as Mrs D.

We had a fab time visiting seven stories (Peter Rabbit and Horrid Henry, amongst others), and then to the play park… We had to be home for late afternoon, as Mr SW was coming to see us with children…. Turned out the boys were so tired after our afternoon out that they were really chilled… so Mr SW saw me reading with them (The smartest giant in town – fab book), and then sat with us while we had dinner. Things seemed to go OK, and Mr SW said that we seemed to be the kind of people who were really relaxed about doing stuff with children, and took things in our stride – so that was positive!

It was nice to take them to church this morning – though interesting to see a service through small peoples’ eyes… the littlest one started singing ‘postman pat postman pat postman pat cat cat cat cat’ during the prayers, and the middle one started a burping competition during the all-age comunion!! Children and church services, eh! Wonderful!

The boys’ mum and dad returned at lunchtime to much joy…
It was great to have the boys with us for the weekend – but nice to have some quiet after they left… though the place seems strangely empty without them!