Muddy walks

I went back to work today.
Mrs D picked McGrew and Cuthbert up from school, and then decided to go for a muddy walk with doglet and Dibble.

Here are the results…

They had loads of fun… but you should have seen the bottom of the bath once they were finished! I hate to think what the inside of the car is like!


One of my ongoing projects at work is designing improvements to the flood defences in Morpeth.
This weekend saw the worst floods in more than 50 years in the town.
Hundreds of people have been directly affected. Homes, possessions and businesses ruined.

Even more reason to press on at work and make sure that this kind of thing happens less frequently.

First day at school

All seemed to go well today.

McGrew and Cuthbert were both really excited to be going. Mrs D was a bit wobbly in the playground as first McGrew and then Cuthbert went in to their classrooms… they both seemed so little in their new uniforms and expensive shoes! Too young to be starting school, surely…

Cuthbert finishes at 2 for a few weeks, but even with the early finish, he was shattered this evening. We asked both of them how today went, but we haven’t managed to glean much comprehensible information… other than they’ve both made some friends, though they can’t remember the names. Oh, and McGrew had hedgehog and playgrounds for lunch!?

Mrs D and I had big plans for getting stuff done round the house today, but 2 o’clock arrived before we had time to blink…! There’s always tomorrow!

Daylight robbery?

We went shopping today with McGrew and Cuthbert for school shoes.

We found some.
We’re now £60 worse off than we were!

I’d be grateful if anybody could explain to me how a wee pair of school shoes for a 4 / 5 year old can cost £30! Could it be the toy incorporated in the sole? Or perhaps the lights in the heel and the wee button to turn them on or off?

Is there anywhere you can get just a pair of black school shoes without gimmicks?

When I was young…. (no, I won’t go on any more!!)