Highlights of Christmas

1. Christmas Eve
We put up the stockings. We set out a plate with biscuits, a carrot and a glass of sherry.
We looked on the internet to check Santa’s progress.
They were so excited. It was just lovely to see the anticipation on their faces.
And the innocence that believes Santa actually comes down the chimney into our sitting room!

2. Ben-10
McGrew getting a Ben-10 watch from Santa – we’re now safe from aliens, as they’ve all been annihilated in at least a 50 mile radius! He’s hardly had it off his wrist.

3. Bugga Bugga
Dibble going to the front at church on Christmas Day to tell the pastor what he’d got for Christmas – he was clutching his new Iggle Piggle (which he calls Bugga Bugga)… we were all praying very hard he wouldn’t say anything into the microphone when the pastor said ‘and what is this, Dibble?’!!

4. Cuthbert at church on Christmas Day…
Cuthbert got a pair of fairy wings from Santa (a compromise with Mrs DHG, who was up for getting him the thing he’d put at number one in his letter to Santa – a Cuthbert-sized purple Barbie dress! – I vetoed this). He also got a dragon mask and hat. And a flashing rudolph nose. Put them all together…. what do you get? A fairy dragon, of course! I haven’t laughed quite so much in church as I did during ‘O come, all ye faithful’ – which was accompanied by Cuthbert dancing a fairy dragon dance on the stage! Oh, yes!

5. Pride in my boys
Sitting so patiently at the table at their grandparents’ house on Christmas day waiting for pudding. Behaving so well at the DHG annual extended family gathering on Sunday – so many new people to meet (2 great uncles, 2 great aunts, and 3 cousins once removed, plus some others too, as well as all the family they already knew). My littlest cousin was a particular hit – we’ve even had tears from McGrew because she’s so lovely and he misses her so much!

6. Flashing red noses
Cuthbert came through wearing two of them – round his waist. It was very very funny, but I guess you had to be there!

7. Picking up leaves in the garden
McGrew and Cuthbert helped me pick up leaves from the garden. ‘Helped’ is perhaps the wrong verb, but they did try… they also threw them in the air and pretended it was snowing… they kicked them, stamped on them, stuffed them down each others’ coats, and generally had a fantastic time…

8. Talky walkies
McGrew and Cuthbert’s name for one of their presents.

9. Tale of Despereaux
A daddy treat with McGrew and Cuthbert at the cinema – though they were more interested in the popcorn than the little mouse saving the day!

10. Dibble’s inability to say mummy
He can say ‘daddy’ (even at 4.30 in the morning!)
He can say ‘McGrew’, ‘Cuthbert’ and ‘Dibble’ (or very good attempts at them)
He can say ‘doglet’
But point at Mrs DHG, and say ‘who is this, Dibble?’, and he laughs and says ‘daddy’!
Mrs DHG is actually relishing the fact that Dibble calls for me in the middle of the night – though I maintain that he really means mummy!

‘Twas the fifteenth day of advent…

We’ve had a veritable forest of Christmas cards puporting to be from McGrew and Cuthbert’s friends at school… in actual fact a good 90% are written by parents of friends, with the friends having what would appear to be zero input to the card writing activities.

Mrs DHG felt that a more personal approach was warranted (and it also served as another advent craft activity!)

And so we have the beautiful card pictured above, which Cuthbert is going to present to his class tomorrow morning.

McGrew is making his tomorrow! Watch this space…