Martha and Arthur

It would appear that young Cuthbert has been learning songs at school…
The latest one (as sung to us at tea time yesterday) goes like this:

Martha and Arthur
Martha and Arthur
Martha and Arthur
Come Lord Jesus, Come.

This prompted many questions among the DHG house…

Who is Arthur?
Why is he going around with Martha?
And what do they have to do with Jesus’ return?

God in the bed

The local grandparents were babysitting for us last night so we could go out – and on Valentine’s day as well!! We had a lovely time: meal, wine, film…

While we were out, at bed time, Cuthbert had a lengthy conversation with Nana about God and where he was… Cuthbert brings this up a lot, but this has to be the funniest so far!

The conversation went something like this.

Cuthbert: God is everywhere, Nana
Nana: Yes he is.
Cuthbert: Is he is my bedroom?
Nana: Yes
Cuthbert: Is he in my bed?
Nana: Yes, he is
Cuthbert: Well, he’d better get down to the bottom, cause there’s no room for him at the top!


In the car yesterday…

CD: ‘Half a pound of tuppany rice, half a pound of…’
Cuthbert: ‘I know who wrote this!’
Me: ‘Do you?’
Cuthbert: ‘Yes, it’s Tchaikovsky!’
Me: ‘Hmm – good try, but I don’t think Tchaikovsky wrote about rice, treacle and popping weasals!’
Cuthbert: ‘Yes, he did!’

In the car today…

Radio: ‘dum diddly dum dum dum dum dummmm’
Cuthbert: ‘I know what this is!’
Me: ‘Do you?’
Cuthbert: ‘Yes, it’s Tchaikovsky and it’s called March of the Toys.’

Seems they are teaching him something at nursery after all!!