Legal at last

An epic day today.
McGrew, Cuthbert and Dibble got a new name.
They’re now legally Masters ‘DHG’.

The day didn’t go without its hitches, mind you!
We didn’t get stuck in traffic.
None of us was ill.
We didn’t get lost.
We weren’t late.
We didn’t break down.
We didn’t get the wrong day….

… but the boys’ social worker did!

Yes, as incomprehensible as it may seem, she put the wrong date in her diary.
So no social worker, no adoption hearing.

Thankfully she managed to organise one of her colleagues to come in her stead, and we had a very accommodating judge who agreed to wait. So instead of things happening at 10 o’clock this morning, it was nearer 11.15. And what a long hour that was!

But the boys now have lovely certificates, which they are so proud of. And the judge gave them each a tractor too! Dibble asked for the ‘geen’ one, and being the youngest, he got it!

So the end of one chapter of the boys’ lives.
And the start of a new one.
With a new name.
Adopted into our family.

Happy Birthday Dibble!

2 today!
Many happy returns…

And thanks to all who made today so special for him – a very happy boy is now fast asleep, dreaming of fire engines, Thomas the Tank Engine, his new guitar (OK, it’s a Ukulele), special colours all for himself, oh, and hitting Lynne with a big stick till it broke :o)

Adoption Order granted today

Some fantastic news – we have just heard that the Adoption Orders have been granted today in court.

We now need to go to the final hearing together as a family in a couple of weeks – but this is really just a formality.

So as one chapter comes to an end, we can now focus on the future… and the boys can have absolute certainty that they are secure in our family.