Giving thanks

We’ve had a lovely day today.
It’s been the boys’ dedication at church – where we’ve said thank you to God for bringing the boys into our lives, we’ve asked God to use them for his purposes, and we’ve promised to be the best parents we can be, bringing them up to know Jesus. With the help of a multitude of god-parents!!

We were joined in church by our immediate family (though my lil sis couldn’t make it because of work), good friends, McGrew and Cuthbert’s head teacher and class teachers, our social worker for the past 18 months, and our fantastic church family. It really was a celebration!

The boys had asked if we could sing their favourite song during the service – all five of us were therefore made to stand on the stage to do the actions of ‘Our God is a Great Big God’ – Cuthbert had a fantastic time with the actions, and by all accounts his face was a picture!

We had lunch at home for family and god-parents, and thankfully the sun shone, so boys could play in the garden, expertly looked after by multitude of god-parents, while Mrs DHG and I had some grown-up conversation!!

A great day of thanksgiving and celebration!