I awoke (for the third time) at 7.30 this morning to some very mournful sounds from Dibble’s bedroom.

On entering, the following scene lay before me…

Dibble standing in his cot, crying.
Dibble’s pyjama suit undone to his waist.
Dibble’s nappy half undone.
Dibble’s index finger on his right hand a strange brown colour.

“Daddy. Nappy off. Stinky.”

After a general cleanup of Dibble’s finger and a change of nappy, I questioned Dibble on his actions so far that morning.

“Why did you try to take your nappy off, Dibble?”
“Poo. Stinky. No like.”
“And why did you stick your finger in it, Dibble?”
“Stinky, Daddy.”
“And what did you do with your finger after you put it in your nappy, Dibble?”
“Ett it. Stinky. No like.”

Let’s hope he’s learnt his lesson, and doesn’t try that again!

Dibble takes the mic

At church this morning, little Dibble was beside himself. He desperately wanted to go up to the front to tell the person leading the service something very important, but he wouldn’t go himself. And Mrs DHG wasn’t for accompanying him!

For 10 minutes he ran up the centre aisle, and then back again to get Mrs DHG’s hand to try to drag her up to the front, but to no avail… but Mrs DHG eventually relented.

So little Dibble dragged Mrs DHG to the front. He then climbed the steps onto the stage (mid children’s talk) and poked the leader’s leg to get her attention, before speaking something into her ear. She then stopped the talk, picked him up and said, ‘OK, you say it into the microphone!’ Which he did, clear as day….

‘Our God is a great big God!’

So, what can you do? Only one thing for it… the worship team struck up a few chords, and we all launched into an impromptu rendition of the chorus of that song – Dibble’s favourite, in case you didn’t know!

Not sure if this now sets a precedent for requests during the service? Perhaps not unless you’re 2!

10 metres

All of us in the DHG household are extremely proud of McGrew…
On Wednesday he managed to swim 10m on his own, no armbands. And he’s got the certificate and badge to prove it!

Unfortunately I wasn’t there to witness the athletic feat, but Mrs DHG was.
He tried once, and got halfway before stopping to hold on to the teacher. Mrs DHG thought he would give up, but no, he tried again – and got 8m across before sinking…

After a brief rest to gather all of his strength, he tried a third time – and got across. Helped not a little by Mrs DHG shouting encouragement from the viewing gallery!

By all accounts there were copious tears from Mrs DHG as she congratulated eldest son on his achievement… When asked how mummy was after his success, McGrew simply commented, ‘She cried!’.

Well done McGrew!