Ruby party

We all has a fantastic time at my mum and dad’s ruby wedding anniversary party on Saturday. It was great to catch up with so many extended family and friends of old and share in such a wonderful happy celebration.

And it was great for McGrew, Cuthbert and Dibble to meet many of their family for the first time. And for family to meet them.

Highlights had to be:

Dibble running around the dance floor trying to trip people up in the middle of a Dashing White Seargent

Dancing a Gay Gordons with Cuthbert – ‘can I twirl yet, daddy?’

McGrew running at full pelt onto the dance floor and then dropping to his knees to see how far he could slide

All three boys’ politeness and confidence among so many unfamiliar people

Cuthbert and McGrew asking to go to bed because they were tired (hard to believe, but true! – Cuthbert lasted till 10 and McGrew till 11!)

So, congraulations to mum and dad – and here’s to many more years!