I’m back

Here I am.
With a new look to the blog.

I hadn’t intended to be away so long – but days turned into weeks into months, and then suddenly it’s March! Sorry.

Life in the DHG house has been interesting since I was last here.

Mrs DHG has gone back to work part-time.
Which means Dibble has been going to nursery 2 days a week – and loving it (charming the staff most of the time with his singing, jokes and antics).
Which means we all have to be much more organised – particularly when it comes to meal times!

McGrew is coming on in leaps and bounds – academically, emotionally and socially – though he is having some wobbles – at home and school. Lots of insecurities, routed in his past trauma and fear are coming to light in interesting ways. Taking the oddest things from around the house to stash in his room have become almost daily occurrences – but more on that another day!

Cuthbert is also doing very well academically – his reading is fantastic and improving every day. But he too is having wobbles, again routed in past trauma and fear. He often struggles when things don’t go exactly his way – sometimes resulting in up to half-hour long tantrums – not easy to be on the receiving end…

But through all the challenges, we are constantly reassured that God is with us – and ultimately we know that love will drive out all fear – and so we keep on loving.

3 thoughts on “I’m back”

  1. welcome back. I have often thought of your wee family and wondered how you are doing. A very good friend of mine started fostering babies under 1 and as she received her first gorgeous little boy it reminded me of you guys – this time last year, wasn't it?

    Look forward to hearing your news.
    with love.

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