Dibble is three!

Happy Birthday Dibble!
Three yesterday… and apparently off to Africa on Sunday as Tearfund’s youngest volunteer!

That probably needs some explanation…

Last week, Dibble joined some of his friends in a 24 hour swimathon to raise money for one of Tearfund’s clean water projects in Uganda. Not that he actually swam non-stop for 24h, but he was there at the start and finish, and managed about 20 lengths altogether, though 15 of those were aided by hitching a lift on the back of Mrs DHG’s costume!

But he managed to raise over £300 for the project – well done Dibble!

Anyway, this evening, while settling down into bed, the converstation went something like this:

“Dibble, you’ve had a busy day today – you need to go to sleep now and get lots of rest ready for tomorrow.”
“Yes, daddy. I go to Africa”
“You’re going to Africa? When?”
“I go to Africa on Sunday.”
“I see. Are you going by yourself?”
“No, I going with doglet”
“Right, so you’re going to Africa on Sunday with doglet. Why?”
“I going to bring them some clean water to drink!”

There’s not a lot you can say to that!