Mrs DHG, that is.
Her head teacher turned up on our doorstep at 9.40 yesterday evening to deliver the dreaded brown envelope.
a Friday evening!
At home!

Redundant from the end of August.

The words are ringing round our heads at the moment.
Why us?
What does it mean?
Is there a chance of a reprieve?
Where is God in it all?

It’s too early to know what the outcome will be – there’s a final hearing in a couple of weeks where Mrs DHG can make comments and ask for other things to be considered – but I suspect it’s a done deal. It’s simply a case of there being too few children in the catchment of the school, and too many teachers able to teach science.

I’m sure God has a plan – and most likely (definitely?) something even better – for her and us – it’s just difficult to make any sense of it at the moment.

So we’d appreciate your prayers for us over the next weeks and months, as we seek to find God’s will for us. And your prayers for Mrs DHG as she battles with feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence.


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