En vacances – Day 14 – le moulin de vent and jousting

A morning at the pool in the sunshine.

Lunch beside the pool.

Windmill at La Tour Blanche. Best €2 ever spent. Completely renovated windmill from 14th century. Very friendly guide.

Tour inside. Up the stairs. Mill stones. Roofing timber shingles. Little bell to tell the miller when the grain silo was empty.

Now run on electricity. Started it up to show us the workings.

Boys delighted to be able to have a go pushing the roof round to change the sails’ direction. Bought some flour milled there!

After dinner, off to Brantôme to see the boat jousting. More ice cream.

Boys dancing to the music from the band. Fun saxophonists.


Who will be pushed off into the river? Who will stay standing? Reds seem to be the better team.

Allez les rouges!

The band has decanted to a boat – providing musical entertainment throughout the jousting.

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