En vacances – Day 19 – Tiffauges, le Chateau de Gilles de Rais

Showery today so headed inland to Tiffauges, about an hour away.

Stunning setting for a castle – rocky outcrop on the bend in the river.

Medieval war machinery in action. Trebuchets. Catapults. Cranes. Swords. Lances. Armour.

Cuthbert’s joy at being picked to set the mini trebuchet off! That ball went flying!

Dibble’s joy ago seeing the full size trebuchet demonstration and jousting games – real armoured men on horseback!

McGrew loving the other boy trying on the suit if armour and helmet, and then the guide trying to cut off his head (gladly it stayed attached!).

Ice creams (obviously!).

An outdoor musical about Joan of Arc and Gilles. We didn’t understand much, but Cuthbert was enthralled by the songs and acting.

Pizza and moules frites for dinner again.

Hope the rain stops before tomorrow!

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