En vacances – Day 21 – St Jean de Monts to Willeman

Rain. Lots of rain. Almost had to stop on the motorway round Angers because we couldn’t see!

A lovely B&B just south of Calais (Willeman), run by Madeleine. It was great to be welcomed into her home and feel part of the family. With her four children and two step sons, it was a house full. And the guinea pig (T shirt), a couple of cats and hens too! And Madeleine’s husband, Xavier. We can’t forget him… he showed the boys round his farm.

The warmth of the udders when we had a go at milking.

The cuteness of the two-week old calves as we watched them feed.

The noise from the combine harvester when the boys got to ride in it (and Xavier made the blades go round – epic!)

The bumpiness of the tractor as he took the boys on a spin round the farm.

Thank you Xavier for making the boys’ day!

And then a lovely evening sitting round the kitchen table as friends and neighbours dropped in. Just as I had imagined rural French Friday evenings!

A perfect end to a lovely holiday.
Home tomorrow…

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